Friday, 20 July 2007

Win an Apple iPod Shuffle

I have finally got around to completing my research report for my MBA. My next hurdle is to get a minimum of 200 responses to my online survey. Please help em by completing this survey. It consists of 15 basic questions and should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Go to


Jonathan said...

I don't think you'll have a problem getting 200 responses, Andy. I think you may be surprised ;-)

I've done my bit by completing it and forwarding it on to 3 friends who buy on auction.

Hope it helps!

Vorster said...

Hi Andy, try this out to help you get more responses on your questionnaire:

I am also doing my MBA (started this year at GIBS). Good luck with your endevours.

We have created this product and I am also punting it at our campus :).

I have sent you a message on Facebook. (I also took the liberty to see if you are there :) )

It contains all the details you need to log on to the site.

PS. If you want me to undo these actions, I will do so.
Another PS. I also responded to the survey-monkey questionnaire, so plus 1 for you.

Vorster Swanepoel

Seychelles Digital said...

Hi Andy,

I just read the post about your Seychelles' odyssey. I'm so sorry about some part of it. But I hope you'll be back & we can enjoy a Seybrew on the beach.

I'll be in SA in September. Maybe we can met in Jo'Burg on my way back from PE on the 13th September.

Cheers, Jose.

Seychelles Digital said...

Hi Andy,

I need to contact you urgently. Somehow, I've lost your direct email, please email me on or

Thanks, José.